Byambasuren Sharav (b.1952)
He was born in Jargaltkhaan country, Khentii province, Mongolia on November 13, 1952.
He graduated from the department of music teaching, Musical and Choreographic College in
1972 and the department of music composition, Ural Conservatoire, RF in 1983. His professional
teachers: S.Gonchigsumlaa and B.D.Gibalin.
He started his creation work by song music. He received the award of the best work of the VII Asian music rostrum symposium by his oratorio “Zambuutiviin Naran” (The Sun of the Universe), the award of the best work of the music festival for peace in RF in 1988 by the overture “Sersen Tal” (Raised Steppe) and Symphony II.
He was awarded by the title “Honoured Art Worker of Mongolia” in 2002 and the Order of He participated in International music festivals in the USA, Japan, FRG, PRC and RF. My works were performed in many countries of the world.