Jury members of competition for professional singers


Mr.Gendendaram Erdenebat

Honored Artist of Mongolia, Mr.Erdenebat has graduated from the Musorgsky Conservatory in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Has “Master of Governance” degree from the Academy of Governance of Mongolia, and postgraduate studies of Art Management in South Korea. Mr.Erdenebat has been a soloist at the Mongolian Academic Opera theatre during 1987-2004 and created more than 20 major opera roles. Besides his singing career, he has been a director of the Mongolian Opera Theatre, head of the Art and Culture Department of the Ministry of Educaion, Science and Culture. Currently, he is a Director of the Music and Dance College of Mongolia. Professor of the “Ulaanbaatar” College. With more than 200 songs in his repertoire, his productions “The Melody of Sengur River” and “Father`s Land” are the among most popular CDs and DVDs in Mongolia.

Anatoly Petrovich Chepurnoi

Mr.Anatoly Chepurnoi is the general conductor of the Krasnoyarsk State Theatre of Opera and Ballet. After his graduation from the Ural State Music conservatory, he worked as a general conductor at the Komi State music theatre. In his repertoire he has more than 20 operas and ballets, and has represented his conducting art and many Russian and international concert stages. In 1999, Mr.Cheprunoi was awarded with Merited Artist of the Russian Federation Award.




Khaichinkhuu Unenkhuu

Merited Artists of Mongolia, Khaichinkhuu Unenkhuu has graduated from the University of Art and Culture of Mongolia, and has done postgraduate studies in music conservatory of Venice, Italy. From 1995 to 2009, has been a soloist at the Mongolian National Opera, with more than 25 main and accompanying roles of Classical and Mongolian operas. Mr.Unenkhuu has presented more than 10 solo recitals with classical and Mongolian repertoire. He is a winner of many national and international singing competitions, including Grand Prix award, and Best singers prizes. Since 2004, he works at the Music and Dance College of Mongolia as an opera class teacher.


Balgansuren Erdenetuya

Ms.Erdenetuya is one of the leading female singers of the Mongolian opera today. She has graduated from the Mongolian University of Art and Culture, and Venice music conservatory in Italy. She has represented Mongolia in opera theatres of Russia, Japan, South Korea, PRK, China, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Romania. In 2013 Mr.Erdenetuya was awarded with “Golden Star” medal of the Mongolian Government.




Nyamaa Tuulaikhuu

Merited Creator of Art, conductor of the State Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Mr.Tuulaikhuu has graduated from the Ural Music Conservatory of Russia as a clarinet player and opera orchestra conductor. Mr.Tuulaikhuu has conducted the orchestra of State Philharmonic and Opera Theatre orchestra for more than 30 years, and has represented classical music of Mongolia in many countries. For his high achievements in the music art, in 1997 he was awarded with “Goo Maral” Prize, in 2003 “Merited Art Creator” of Mongolia and in 2006, President`s Prize of Mongolia



Jury members of competition for folk instrumentalist 


Namkhai Buyanbaatar

Mr.Buyanbaatar is a conductor of the Mongolian National Folk Music Ensemble. With many concert tours in Korea, China, Switzerland, Holland, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, France, China and India, he showed Mongolian folk art to the public. He is one of the first moring khuur players who performed Morin Khuur Quartett in Europe. Mr.Buyanbaatar has conducted more than 200 performances on the stage of the Ensemble.



Su Ba Du

First class musician of China, Professor Su Ba Du is Mongolian person who was born in Inner Mongolia, China. She has graduated from the Beijing Chinese Art University and Shanghai Music Conservatory as M.A in PiPa performance. Since 1982, she was a soloist of “Uu Lan Ba Chu” group, Inner Mongolian Radio Orchestra and the Inner Mongolian Folk Ensemle. Since 2000, a professor at the Inner Mongolian Art University`s school of Music. Mrs.Su Ba Du is a winner of the Second Prize from the Inner Mongolian Music Competition and currently she works as a leader of the All Chinese Musicians Association.



Chuluun Chinbat

Merited Artist of Mongolia, Professor Chuluun Chinbat has graduated from the Armenian State music conservatory of Erevan as a violinist and from the Bulgarian National Music Academy as a orchestra conductor. He has represented Mongolian and world classical music in many concert stages all over the world. More than 40 years, Prof.Chinbat works at the Music and Dance College of Mongolia as a violin teacher and art director, and many of his students are succesfully working in abroad and Mongolia.



Khishigtogtokh Altangerel

Mr.Altangerel is a president of the Union of Mongolian Composers. He has graduated from the Music and Dance College of Mongolia as a morin khuur player and music theory specialist. He continued his studeis as a composer at the Moscow University of Art and Culture and at the Saint Petersburg Music Conservatory under guidance of renowned Russian composer, professor Boris Tishenko. In 2006 he received Grand Prix from the “Golden Autumn” music festival, and many best music awards during 2005-2016. Currently, he teaches music composition class at the Music and Dance College of Mongolia.


Choijamts Buyankhishig

Merited Art Creator of Mongolia, one of the leading music journalists of Mongolia, Mrs.Buyankhishig Choijamts has graduated from the Music and Dance School in 1966 under tutorage of Merited teacher, Gunchin Dashdavaa. Right after her graduation, she went to study in the former Soviet Union as a music theory teacher and choir conductor. Since 1970 she has been a music theory teacher at the Music and Dance School. From 1981, she was a music program general editor of the Mongolian State Radio, and from 2012 Mrs.Buyankhishig works as a music program editor at the “Ekh Oron” TV in Ulaanbaatar. Her programs are highly rated among tv viewers. For her great achievements in music making, in 2013 was awarded with “Merited Art Creator Award” of Mongolia